are you getting results or having reasons

Thinking bubble

Which side of the equation are you on?

Are you making sure you are taking action and you are at the cause of  the things that happen in your life? Or are you at the effect of things that happen to you?

Are you taking responsibility for your actions or are others to blame for that happens to you?

If you could choose, which side would it be? What is more empowering? Being at cause or being at effect?

Being at cause means taking responsibility, being in charge, being the victor in every area of your life. It means living the life of choice and empowerment, full of growth and contribution. Being the achiever. When at cause we are saving risky problems, problems that take us our of our comfort zone, that move us forward, that make us feel empowered. At this side of the equation we take action and we get results.

Are you seeing the procrastinator or perfectionist in you in some areas of life. That mean that in these areas of your life you are at effect. You are not acting, you are reacting to the world around you. You are not taking your life into your hands. You play the victim, you blame others for things that are happening to you. You feel stuck, because you are saving safe problems that are not contributing to your growth.
If that the case in any area of your life, you feel stuck and not sure how to move forward, ask me how, I can equip you with tools for life that will allow you to move forward no matter what life throws at you.

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