Iva Novak is on a mission to inspire and empower leaders and business owners to move from being busy managers to become focused leaders and giving them tools to develop high-performing teams.

Through behaviour analysis, DISC assessment and the Elements for Excellence tailored training programs, we focus on the success of the leader, their increased effectiveness and employee happiness at work. We aim to eliminate internal work conflict and focus on building a positive business culture that employees will thrive in.

Much of our training and guidance is based on the DISC model of Behavioural Assessment. I am an Accredited eDISC practitioner and I see the positive results first hand when clients adopt the DISC model into their workplace, their leadership style and the ins and outs of their business.

The outcome? Transforming yourself and your employees into a high performing, cohesive and happy team of people.


 My passion is around leadership and team culture. I am a behaviour expert, coach, trainer, leader and facilitator with over fifteen years leadership experience. I work with business owners and leaders to become the best version of themselves as leader and mentor to their team. 


What led me to do what I do?

I went from working in a bowling alley to building a brand new eCommerce department in a large organisation within 5 years, and was promoted into a leadership role early on.

I didn’t have much support and I had to get my own resources in order to grow. I found many self-development tools and seminars, but none that were tailored to me as a leader that would show me how to successfully lead a team and and build a high-performing team. So I built Elements for Excellence to do just that.

How do I know what I do works?

Through seeing transformation in many people and their businesses over the years:

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Have gotten all the tools they needed to build high-performing team

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Have put strategies in place to achieve work-life balance

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Are respected by their team and became expert mentors that others can turn to 

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Stopped being always busy to and got on top of their workload

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Became effective project managers tackling any size project

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Reclaimed hours a week of their time by implementing time saving tools

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They gained confidence as leaders and mentors to their team

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Got the promotion to take their career to the next level

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Negotiated higher pay based on their results and performance

How did I discover my passion?

At the early stage of my corporate leadership career I had a team of young, fresh out-of-uni employees who all came from very different backgrounds and each had their own agenda.

All very talented people, who worked exceptionally well on their own, however in a team environment – it didn’t work. Human behaviour can be quite complex.

Being determined, I decided to make it work. I started actively working with the team on team culture and their behaviour. We worked on compassion and tapped into their emotional intelligence. I dug deep and used my experiences that I gained through different professional and personal training and seminars throughout the years. The changes happened within weeks. And then I changed too.

What started as one on one coaching and mentoring, turned into a passion of working with others, finding and building synergy, clarity and workplace agility into their daily workplace DNA, that unsurprisingly flows into their personal life too.

And even though I don’t work with these people any more, believe it or not, I still see them on a regular basis as a friend, coach and mentor.

As they say you never forget your first love. This team was my first love in leadership and team development.


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