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Thousands of businesses worldwide use eDISC Assessment to improve productivity, teamwork and enhance communication. Take the 3-minute quiz to help you understand how you lead, organise information and communicate with others.

Training & workshops

7 in 10 employees say professional development opportunities would affect their decision to stay at a company. Our training programs and workshops are designed to give your employees the growth they crave, reclaim your time while building high-performing teams and start form $599 per employee.

Online Programs

A rich learning experience of videos and worksheets that will help you mentor your team to success. Our online programs provide professional and personal development tools in easy chunks that can be immediately implemented in a business setting.

Iva Novak


Hello and welcome!

My name is Iva Novak, I am the founder of Elements for Excellence. My mission is to empower leaders to shift from being busy managers to focused leaders and build hi-performing team. Elements for Excellence will arm you with the tools to improve productivity, sales teamwork and day-to-day business administration.

Iva Novak



eDISC Behaviour assessment

I love seeing people’s life change as I introduce them to eDISC. As an accredited eDISC practitioner I walk your through your individual behaviour style in line with your workplace setting. Once you understand your style, you will be more present when engaging with others.


training & workshops

We run a variety of leadership and team programs designed to help you mentor and manage your team to success. The programs include one-on-one leadership training helping a busy manager become a focused leader, accompanied with team workshops that helps create winning teams.


online programs & learning

A rich learning experience of videos and worksheets that will help you mentor your team to success. Our online programs provide professional and personal development tools for leaders and team members in easy chunks that can be immediately implemented in a business setting.

Discover the keys to effective communication, strong culture, high performing teams that only best leaders know


I had found myself...

…unknowingly, stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, unable to achieve and real change in my life and constrained by my own uncertainty into inaction. I reached out to Iva in a bid to “kick start” something or anything to help me. In an incredibly short time, Iva was able to gently evaluate my current mindset and identify several key areas for possible improvement. Iva was a superb, compassionate and respectful guide in helping me to navigate a significant change in my mindset. She introduced new tools and ideas at the right time and always explaining the concept and checking with me if this was a something I was happy to try. Iva’s impact on empowering me to change was second to none, I have achieved and exceeded the goals we set in the early stages. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is looking for positive change in their lives to partner with Iva and achieve wonderful outcomes with her as your guide.


Working with Iva...

…has been life altering. I have been meeting with her weekly over the past few months and it has been so great to look at my life holistically. Thanks to Iva’s ability to question and challenge me, together we have been focusing on areas that I’ve wanted to change/improve. We have been exploring patterns that have been affecting all areas of my life alongside learning tactics and skills on how to improve. The coaching has help me grow tenfolds as person. I always leave each session feeling lighter, stronger and focused. I am forever thankful for her and I recommend this to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.


I have completed...

…Meta Dynamic Profiling with Iva. It was an easy and insightful process where I learnt a lot about how I think and approach different scenarios. Following an online assessment I received a detailed report and had a one on coaching session with Iva. I found the report to be accurate, insightful and most important to me actionable both in my personal and professional life.


I have been working with Iva...

…on my personal development journey for a couple of years now. She has a wealth of knowledge and has a knack for asking the right questions. She is super supportive and I really appreciate how she goes out of her to get relevant materials and send me through interesting events, articles.
It is so nice to have chats with Iva in-between sessions which provides me with much needed clarity and insight at times when I’m seeking direction. I would highly recommend her.


I recently had a coaching...

…session with Iva and it has proven to be extraordinarily helpful. I initially went to Iva as I was struggling to deal with a challenging new colleague. Iva helped me to understand different energy types and how they can function together in the workplace, as well as giving me the tools I needed to make things a little easier on myself. I have since used the techniques learned to better work with not just the challenging new colleague, but also people in other parts of my life. It was a truly eye-opening experience, and one that I am very grateful for.


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